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Grief and Bereavement

Psychotherapy for grief and bereavement provides invaluable support to individuals navigating the complex emotions and challenges associated with loss. If you are reading this section of our website, chances are you have experienced, or know someone who has experienced, a major loss. The Jade Group is a safe and welcoming place for you, or your loved ones, to grieve.

Grief counselling focuses on helping you work through the grieving process by learning about grief and what to expect when grieving; expressing feelings; building new relationships, and developing a new sense of self after a loss. After a significant loss, most people are concerned with how to continue living their life in a meaningful and fulfilled way. Grief counselling can help you navigate towards that goal.

Grief can be an intensely vulnerable time. The Jade Group will work with you slowly and thoughtfully, at your own pace, to help you understand how grief fits in the context of your life moving forward. You will never be encouraged to forget your loss or simply “move on”. Integrating your loss into your future is a vital component of your journey of grief.

Grief counselling is warm, compassionate and non-judgmental. When and if you are ready, we will help you to see the meaning in your loss and help you to heal through a deep understanding of the impact of the person (or place/thing/role) in your life.

This will allow you to live your life carrying with you the gifts and challenges that the subject of your loss brought into your life. We genuinely believe that this process brings about relief, healing and growth.

If you have experienced a loss of any kind and are looking for guidance, we invite you to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to learn more about how The Jade Group can help you.